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Monday June 24th, 2019

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What if I need to cancel my flight, tour or cruise?
Because many payments are nonrefundable, travel insurance is suggested. Both of the companies listed below have a policy rate calculator online. Enter the cost of your tour and personal data to receive a no-obligation cost estimate.

Two recommended companies are:

Cancellation insurance will range in price based on the cost of your travel and the age of the applicant. Get a quote at the websites above before making a purchase. If you have a pre-existing condition to cover, you usually must purchase your policy within 2 weeks of the initial deposit.

Fort Lauderdale is typically mid- to upper-70s at the end of Cuba #2 February. Cuba Weather was hot this past year, but typically averages in the low to mid 80s during this cruise time. Jamaica and Grand Cayman typically enjoy the same Caribbean weather patterns. Overall, February and March are ideal months to travel there, with less humidity, and drier, cooler temperatures.
What do I wear?
First of all, it’s the Caribbean. Dress comfortably. It’s likely to be hot. Holland America has a more conservative approach to dinner dress than other cruise lines. While the only hard and fast rule is “no shorts in the dining room for dinner”, there are a couple nights where you will find many of your fellow passengers wearing cocktail dresses and coat and tie. On a 7-night cruise there is one formal or “Gala” night where this dress will be expected and “sometimes” enforced. On Gala nights, an alternative to the dining room is either the Lido Café or having dinner in your stateroom.

I’ve found that the men are fine with slacks (no jeans) and a collared shirt. A jacket is a nice touch, and there will certainly be other guests going all out.

Tipping-from the Holland America website
For sailings departing on or after December 1, 2018, the daily Hotel Service Charge is $14.50* per guest per day for non-suite stateroom guests and $16.00* per guest per day for suite guests.

If our service exceeds or fails to meet your expectations, you are free to adjust this amount at the end of each voyage. The Hotel Service Charge is paid entirely to Holland America Line crew members, and represents an important part of their compensation. A 15% Bar Service Charge is automatically added to bar charges and Dining Room wine purchases. In terminals, airports, ports of call and on shore excursions, we suggest that you extend gratuities consistent with customary local practices.

Each adult guest is allowed to bring a 750ml bottle of wine or champagne on board with them to consume in their cabin. If taken to a restaurant, a corkage fee will apply. Any additional wine or champagne purchased in port will be assessed a corkage fee.

No liquor may be brought aboard and is subject to confiscation. Some cruise companies take a hard line on this. They make a significant amount of money serving cocktails. I’ve stowed a bottle of gin in my bag more than once when embarking on a cruise and never got caught. Just keep in mind that you may not be as lucky as me and may lose your booze.

Holland America offers a choice of dining. You may choose to go with the more traditional format where you choose early seating (5:15 PM) having this time and a table assigned to you each evening. This is a good plan for those that like an early dinner and would may have friends that they’d like to dine with each evening.

The same option is available for late dining at 8:00 PM. I’m allocating a section of the dining room for our group at the 8:00 PM time slot.

The final option is what Holland America calls “as you wish”. You may come to the dining room from 5:15-9:00 PM to put your name in for seating. You’re usually waiting 10-15 minutes for a table. This works well for couples and groups of 4, but you may have to wait longer for a larger table to open. If you choose any of these options now, you can ask the Maître d’hôtel to change your option on board.

Click on the reservation link to register for the cruise. To confirm, provide guest names, as shown on your passport, address, telephone, and email contact. In addition, you’ll need to provide date of birth, on-board accommodation choice, and dining selection.

The initial deposit for the cruise is $350 per person. This may be paid by any major credit card. The Balance of payment is due December 1 st , 2019. Balance of payment will be processed automatically on that date unless alternate arrangements are made.
On-board activities
  • Welcome Cocktail Meet & Greet
  • Historical sessions and Q&A with The History Guy
  • History Guy Team Trivia-for Bragging Rights & Prizes!
Flight suggestions
The ship departs from Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, February 26 th at 4:00 PM. Guests should be on board at least an hour before that. Your flight should arrive in FLL by noon to get to the ship on time. On a departure like this, I suggest arriving in Fort Lauderdale a day before. For details about a 1-night stay on the beach prior to departure, please refer to Fort Lauderdale Overnight.

The ship returns to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale at 7:00 AM on the 4 th of March. Due to customs and immigration, it may take up to two hours forpassengers to begin the disembarkation process. Return flights from FLL should not be booked to depart prior to 1:00 PM.

To search flights, I suggest tapping into one of the online search engines such as Kayak, Orbitz, Travelocity. My current favorite is Kayak.com. Sometimes I book with the link provided on the Kayak site. In some instances, I take the fare and schedule information directly to the carrier website to book there.

Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Airport is your closest airport. You may want to check fares into Miami International (MIA) as well. Your transportation to the FLL hotel or cruise terminal will be more expensive, but MIA may offer a better/cheaper flight schedule.

Port Everglades Cruise Terminal
Most guests will fly into Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL). An uber from the airport to the Port Everglades Cruise Terminal will run between $13-$22 for an Uber X. Taxi Estimate is about the same. If you decide to arrive a day early, joining the group at the hotel, your airport to hotel transportation should range between $15-$22 per car.

Miami International Airport offers an alternative. You’ll find more nonstop options from other parts of the USA and worldwide. Cost estimates for this are $40-$80 for Uber and about $92 by taxi. Estimated drive time is 50 minutes.

Fort Lauderdale overnight
Guests from this cruise will be coming from all over the country, if not the world. Because you don’t want to run the risk of missing the 4:00 PM departure from Fort Lauderdale, you should consider coming early for the night of February 25 th .

The hotel will be selected shortly. The overnight program will include the accommodations, taxes, an informal evening gathering at a local watering hole, a welcome breakfast on the 26 th , and transportation to the ship from the hotel. Details for this program will be communicated via email to all registered participants when pricing is determined.

Questions? Concerns? Please contact Brad Cilley at Northwest Travel Service. The best method is by email. brad@nwtravel.com. You can also call the office line at 425 375 2676, though email will almost always get the quickest response.

Updated: Tuesday, March 19, 2019