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Thursday April 25th, 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an escorted tour?
A representative from Northwest Travel will be on board the ship for the week as well as the pre-cruise to Paris and post-cruise stay in Spain to provide assistance along the tour. If issues arise that need assistance, you will be advised how to reach this person.What should I pack? Is there a dress code? Dress Code will be casual. Bring a jacket and tie or cocktail dress if you like, but it’s not expected. Bring a light rain coat. If you’re from the northwest, you probably have 3 of these in your closet. Comfortable clothing is the key. You’ll be walking on cobbled streets and uneven ground, perhaps after a glass of wine or two. Make sure you break in your walking shoes before you travel. The one hard and fast rule of the cruise line is “no shorts in the dining room for dinner”.
What sort of weather should I expect?
May in Bordeaux has an average of 15 days with some rain. On average, rainfall is about 2 inches for the month. The average high temperature is 71°. The average low is 51°.
I haven’t spoken French since high school. Will this be an issue?
Tour guides to chateaux and vineyards will speak English. English speaking guides will also lead shore excursions from the ship during the cruise week. Outside of an occasional “Bonjour” or “Merci”, you will not necessarily need to have a working knowledge of French.
I have food allergies. Can these be addressed?
The cruise line can work around allergies. If you have gluten, shellfish or other allergies, please include this information in the registration process so that the cruise line can be notified.
What about gratuities?
Typically cruise lines provide a guideline for tipping shipboard staff and crew, including your cabin steward, the dining room staff, and all the people behind the scenes. Your gratuities are included in the Bordeaux cruise price. For tour guides, the suggested gratuity is a couple Euros per person for a 1⁄2 day tour, doubled for a full day tour. No need to tip in restaurants, though you can always leave your change or “round up”. 15% is generally automatically added (service compris) to adequately compensate the wait staff.
What’s the difference in cabins on the ship?
This ship is in the process of a complete overhaul. The information that I had from the last time I sailed on this ship is no longer accurate. When details are known related to cabin size and amenities, I will update this information online and via email. Cabins are for sleeping. There are many public areas, both inside and out, to read, relax and meet other passengers. The ship isn’t large enough to be concerned too much with cabin placement. You can walk from one end of the ship to the other in minutes.
Do I need to worry about motion issues on the ship?
Unlike ocean-going cruise ships, there is virtually no side to side or rocking motion on the river. I’ve taken many groups on river cruises and have yet to experience any problems with motion sickness.
Questions inevitably arise related to currency exchange.
At this time of this writing, the dollar has been pegged at about 1.14 dollars to the Euro.
What’s the best way to get Euros?
This will be discussed in much greater detail in your final documentation. I recommend the ATM machines for the best access to local currency. You get a good rate, the machines are almost everywhere, and you can get only the amount of cash to last you for a day or two. You can also purchase Euros in the US before you go, but you pay a premium for this.

Traveler’s checks and converting US Dollars overseas can be more hassle than you would think. Many banks (if you can get to one that’s open) will only accept dollar bills in pristine condition

Updated: Friday, November 16, 2018