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Monday June 24th, 2019

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You'll be able to book flights for this tour when airlines open their inventory, 333 days before the travel date. I suggest investigating fares and schedules the second week of September. Based on this year, fares should be in the $1100 range, though you may even find lower fares with no-frills consolidator companies.Cotswold 2

The Cotswold Tour will begin at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday, July 21 st at 11:00 AM. Plan your departure to meet the group at that time. Departures from the USA will be scheduled for July 20 th as you lose a day in travel.

If you are not taking the Liverpool extension, your tour ends on July 30 th . Your transportation from the hotel will get you to Heathrow in time to make the 11:30 AM nonstop. Don’t book anything earlier than this.

Depart USA for London Heathrow on the early afternoon non-stops to arrive in Heathrow in the AM. Transportation will depart between 11AM-Noon for Oxford. Return schedules from Manchester (Liverpool Extension)

You'll be provided with return transportation by coach for flights departing 11:00 AM or after. That’s a departure from the hotel on August 2 nd at approximately 8:30 to get you to Manchester Airport by 9:00 AM. If you must book an earlier flight than this, a car can be arranged for the additional cost of approximately $80.

To get fare and schedule information, I suggest you enter the search details in at kayak.com. Book with Kayak or take the information given there to book with the carrier directly. If you need assistance booking flights, let me know. I cannot book mileage/point tickets with any carrier. That must be done by you. Best carriers to investigate are Virgin Atlantic, British Airways.

Updated: Monday, May 6, 2019