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Sunday May 19th, 2019

Corporate Client
Service Information

Corporate Client Service Information

Dear Northwest Travel Client

As of March 14th, 2002, some of the major air carriers, led by Delta Airlines, have unilaterally determined that agencies will no longer be compensated for the services we provide on their behalf. I am not certain whether all the airlines will follow their lead, but this seems likely.

I can understand the need to reduce costs in their operations, but I feel this latest reduction in agency compensation will serve to eliminate a large number of agencies that were working on already slim margins. Ultimately this will mean less service for the consumer in an already user-unfriendly environment.

We began charging service fees to fill the void when commissions were cut to 5% to cover our costs of staff, materials, and other overhead. We have been consistent with a $20 fee to cover costs associated with researching, booking, and ticketing reservations. We will now introduce a new fee schedule that will take place immediately. The only fees that have changed are those related to transactions with Airlines that have eliminated all compensation to us. Currently these carriers are Delta, American, Northwest, and Continental. There may be more added soon. Updates to this list will appear on our website at www.nwtravel.com.

The staff of Northwest Travel will continue to use our accumulated knowledge to find the best prices and schedules to meet your requirements. A good travel agent will never be replaced by an airline reservation line or web site. I guarantee you that Delta will not share the fact that United has a fare to your destination for less than they do. We compare all the carriers to a destination, will suggest methods by which you can save money or time, offer alternatives such as wholesale air companies, or our own contract fares with selected carriers.

Our consortium buying power allows us to pass through discounts and great pricing on thousands of hotel rooms worldwide that you don't get from an airline directly. In short, we have the knowledge and incentive to save you money and time. The airlines do not.

Our service fee to issue/exchange tickets for those airlines that continue to compensate agencies for their work will remain at $20 per ticket, or $40 per itinerary if multiple travelers are flying together.

These fees will increase to $40 for any of the air carriers listed below. This list may shrink or grow, and I will keep this list updated on our website. Our agents will advise which carriers are on the list when you call for your reservation. The remainder of our fees will remain as they have. They are also listed below.

Airlines for which higher service fees apply as of March 19, 2002 This list will be updated when we receive new information.

Northwest Travel Service Fee Structure
Ticket issuance for non-listed carriers
(maximum $40 per record, all passengers traveling together)
Ticket issuance for listed carriers. See above for list.
(maximum $80 per record, all passengers traveling together)
Paper ticket issuance (if requested, this fee only applies if e-ticketingis available, but declined)$30.00
Coupons exchanged for discounts or upgrades$20.00
Non-commissionable hotel bookings$20.00
Handwritten tickets (Southwest, missed ticketing deadline)$20.00
Void Ticket (for tickets issued, but voided by 10:00am Monday following purchase. This service is NOT offered by any airline.$20.00
Courtesy airline reservation (no ticket issued)$20.00
Ticket exchange or refund$20.00
Ticket exchange or refund for listed carrier$30.00
Delivery fee for paper tickets/documents.At cost
Car or hotel bookings no related to air reservation/invoice$20.00
International phone or fax initiated at client request$10.00

Please call or email our office for clarification on any of these fees.